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The Xiqu Center of Taiwan

Under the auspices of the National Center for Traditional Arts, the Xiqu Center of Taiwan is located in Shilin District in Taipei City with an area of 4.45 acres. The Main Theater contains 1,035 seats, and the Experimental Theater has 300 seats. In addition, Taiwan Music Institute houses an important research collection of documents that devoted to Taiwanese music, and offers rehearsal rooms of different sizes, and other venues for a wide range of arts and cultural activities. The outdoor square is also suitable for live performances, which make it closer to people’s lives. Hence, GuoGuang Opera Company, National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan (NCO), and Taiwan Music Institute are all situated here.

The Main Theater, Taiwan Music Institute, and the Experimental Theater are all equipped with halogen light systems, which work perfectly with Lite-Puter DX-1230 SCR Dimmer. The light scenes and zones can be set through Lite-Puter DP-E6B, and controlled by ECP-202. The extinguishing equipments are connected to DP-S8 Switch Controller. Whenever the fire alarm is activated, the light will be on at its full output for the sake of evacuation.

Model List:

Model Description
DP-E6B EDX/ DMX-512 Ethernet Central Controller
DX-1230 12CH 230A Dimmer Pack
ECP-202 Control Panel
DP-S8 8CH Programmable Switch Controller
DP-102E RS-232 to EDX Interface
DP-81II DMX Splitter
DP-82II DMX Mixer
DP-3A 72CH DMX-Analog Decoder

Among the outdoor square, rehearsal rooms, the Main Theater, the Experimental Theater, some of the stage lighting and hallway, blue lights and work lights are the main lighting, with a total number of 1500 channels. Since dimming is not necessary in these areas, ORBIT(PLC) is a perfect fit with a benefit of cost-efficiency. However, lighting is still needed when scene changing during show, and blue lights are just enough for changing sets. In prevention of pressing the work lights inadvertently, Lite-Puter has designed PL-CP402U, which makes blue lights as the first priority.

2-way Switch Model List:

Model Description
MX-101 ORBIT(PLC) Control Module
PX-220-4 4CH ORBIT(PLC) Relay Module
PL-DC1501 15V Power Supply
PL-CP402U Control Panel

At the Xiqu Center of Taiwan, it’s more than just the show and the performers, but the back stage orchestra. The audiences not only watch the performers on stage, but also enjoy the performance of orchestra. The requirement of the performance space for traditional Chinese opera is very different from western opera. However, the designs for most theaters in Taiwan tend to be in western style, and neglect the needs for traditional Chinese opera. As a result, the architect of the Xiqu Center of Taiwan, Kris Yao, designed the building with the inspiration from the concept of “one table two chairs” in Chinese opera, which makes the performance space closer to the spirit of traditional opera. Now, join us on visiting the Xiqu Center of Taiwan, and it will be the most extraordinary experience like no other.