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Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel Retrofitting Project

Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel (hereinafter referred to as: Sheraton) has a deep connection with Lite-Puter for a long time. Since its opening on March 24, 1981, Sheraton Taipei has officially opened under the name “Lailai Shangri-La Hotel” (hereinafter referred to as “Lailai”). At that time, Lailai asked for a dimmer “Made in Taiwan”, so Liteputer, whose business was mainly audio equipment, started to design and produce dimmers for Lailai. Since July 1 2002, the hotel was formally taken over by “My Humble House Hospitality Management Consulting Co., Ltd.” and renamed as Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel. Lite-Puter’s dimmer system has been operated in Sheraton for almost 40 years.

In response to the Taipei City Government’s energy-saving project, Sheraton planned to upgrade the lighting control system by gradually converting to LEDs in the whole building including banquet halls and restaurants since 2016. The dimmer DX-1220, Liteputer best-selling” was also replaced by PL-DX1220.

(Sheraton Lobby before retrofitting)                 (Sheraton Lobby after retrofitting)

(Sheraton B2 Ballroom)

PL-DX1220, a dimmer adapting various modern light sources, adopts removable module design and flexible output dimming system. With replaceable modules, it can be used for general tungsten light as leading-edge dimming SCR/TRIAC module (P-10SCR) or switch module (P-10SW) or LED as PLC dimming module (PL-P01).

(Sheraton B1 Multi-funcitional conference room)

(Sheraton B1 PIZZAPUB)

Equipment list:

(Sheraton B1Business Center) (Sheraton B1 The Emperor)

(Sheraton B1 PIZZAPUB)