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The Silks Club

Investing by the famous Yui-Mom Group in Southern Taiwan, The Silks Club, which is operating by FIH Regent Group will have its grand opening in July. It is not only the first and the only hotel features hotel-based 4D suspended art installation., but also houses Michelin-starred Japanese teppanyaki restaurant- UKAI TEI Kaohsiung in Southern Taiwan.

The entire building including all restaurants and public spaces have been installed Lite-Puter Orbit (PLC) lighting control system. By the foresaid system, signal wires are no longer required, and each AC power line can control up to 96 dimming channels individually. The wiring and piping costs are significantly reduced when Lite-Puter Orbit (PLC) system is applied.  All MR-16 dimming drivers in The Silk Club are Odyssey series products from Lite-Puter. Odyssey is a 25W Orbit(PLC) LED dimmer, which both CC and CV versions are available. CV version is ranged from 12V to 48V, and CC version is ranged from 350mA to 700mA. Hence, Odyssey is compatible with most MR-16 LED lights on the market. Individual address realizes the idea that each channel can be control individually. Its flexibility comes from the channel grouping function; so different scenes can be set.

Odyssey series

The Yui-Mom Group is the one and the only awarded by FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards for a silver winner, and honored with IALD award with excellence at the same time. They are confident with their aesthetic judgment of interior and architectural design. The concept of the Silk Club as a luxurious residence, they focus on high-end art pieces, yet low key and classy. Every details and services considered healthiness, safety, thoughtfulness, and privacy, which allow all travelers to experience a 5-sense relaxation, and making each stay incredible and memorable.

The Silks Club Product List:

Model Description
PL-DP1220 DMX to Orbit (PLC) Interface
DP-NEX1 NEX Central Controller
DP-81II 8CH DMX splitter
DX-1220 12CH 20A Dimmer Pack
EDX-B02D 2CH Curtain Controller
ECP-B01T Control Panel
ECP-H01T Control Panel
ECP-K01T Keycard Holder Panel
EPX-420D 4CH 20A Switch Pack
PL-DP102II DMX to Orbit (PLC) Interface
PL-NF120 Orbit (PLC) Filter
DP-E800 Room Management Control System
ODYSSEY 1CH C.C./C.V. LED Dimming Module
CERES 1CH/4CH C.V. LED Dimming Module
Track Lights Orbit (PLC) Track Light