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National Museum of Prehistory-Museum of Archaeology, Tainan Branch

National Museum of Prehistory is the first museum to feature prehistoric and aboriginal culture, and the first one containing museums, archaeological sites and natural ecological parks, which are located in Taitung-Main Museum, Taitung-Peinan Site Park, and Tainan-Museum of Archaeology. Museum of Archaeology was built with Tainan Science park development project in 1995, with a large number of unearthed relics from various prehistoric times, recreating 5000-year ancient civilization vision.

Officially opens on October 19, 2019, Museum of Archaeology adopts Lite-Puter PLC lighting control system to Permanent Exhibition Hall 1, Hall 2, Hall3, and children’s hall. PLC lighting power line is signal line, and one line works out for the whole area intelligent dimming. Museum of Archaeology uses track lights, strips, and downlights, and all are distributed freely on the power line. Simply connect to the original power line to incorporate into the system if new lamps required, and no need to re-wiring. Each lamp can be independently controlled and no interference to each other.

PLC system saves wiring and provides flexible configuration

Advantages of PLC-single lamp single control

Control method of each luminaire can be set via software. Single lamp single control, or freely configured for unified control, no longer limited by wiring. New lighting circuits can also be added anytime later.

Equipment List: