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Ambassador Hotel Taipei- Sze Shiang Function Rooms Retrofitting Project

(Picture from official website of Taipei Ambassador Hotel)

Since Ambassador founded the first international tourist hotel in Taiwan in 1962, “Ambassador” has stood for top luxury accommodation and Taiwan-style hospitality. Meanwhile, Ambassador continues to create new hotel brands and services. Liteputer introduced new LED PLC dimming system in 2015, and has been adopted by Ambassador since then. Amba is the fashion hotel brand of Ambassador, and Amba Taipei Songshan opened in 2016. Que woodfired grill is located on the 17th floor of Amba Taipei Songshan hotel. Overlooking the beautiful Keelung River, Que is a perfect place for gathering or celebration. Que is designed with the French windows which make the dining room is always filled with natural light. By night, Que is lit up by giant bamboo lanterns. All light sources in the bamboo lanterns are E27 6W LED filament bulbs and they are all controlled by Lite-Puter’s PLC system.

(Que in Amba Taipei Songshan)

(Sze-Shiang in Ambassador Taipei)

In 2018 May, Ambassador remodeled the banquet hall in the 2nd floor, Sze-Shiang function rooms A-D. Shortage lighting sources and dark wood interior decoration style make the original Sze-Shiang look gloomy, so Ambassador desires to have a brighter hall. Abandoning the originally installed DX-1220(control traditional lamps) and LDX-405A(controls LED line lamps), Sze-Shiang adopts Liteputer’s latest PLC dimming control system with all LED lighting sources. With precise dimming and no signal cable needed, PLC also saves huge piping wiring costs. 11 scene control panel ECP-310 were installed: 4 halls own two panels in each, one full-area panel for entire area, and one walkway panel for aisle scene. In addition, through handheld devices, Liteputer’s NEXMobile app allows to set loop values, read scene content, store scenes, and etc. These functions also can be set to be editable only by system administrator privilege users.

Equipment list: