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LEDiM A-Series

20W MOSFET Constant Power LED Dimmable Drivers

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  • Leading and Trailing Edge Compatible.
  • Featuring the constant power mode output, LED lamps and the driver itself can be protected properly.
  • Flicker freeeven with only 1% of dimming level.
  • Power factor > 0.9
  • LED open circuit and short circuit protection.
  • Constant power operation of LEDs to compensate for forward voltage variations over temperature and lifetime.
  • Overheat protection for LED fixture.
  • Thermal foldback functionfor LED protection.


  • AC Input: AC100-130V/ 200-240V
  • Technology: Constant Power
  • Output Power: 20W
  • Dimension: 104(W) x 43(H) x 30(D)mm

Traditional drivers use constant current control to accurately regulate LED forward current. This approach produces consistent light output or intensity from LEDs in the same bin. However, once current is applied to the LED, its solder point temperature rises, leading to a decrease in forward voltage and a drop in efficacy. Conversely, by using the new A-20 series driver with constant power regulation, the LED forward voltage droop over temperature is offset by an increase in LED current to maintain constant LED power. The result is up to 10-percent improvement in efficacy across the expected operating temperature range of the fixture.


Model Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current
A-2048-230 AC 200-240V DC 40-56V 100-450mA
A-2036-230 AC 200-240V DC 30-42V 100-550mA
A-2024-230 AC 200-240V DC 18-30V 100-800mA
A-2012-230 AC 200-240V DC 6-18V 100-1600mA
A-2048-120 AC 100-130V DC 40-56V 100-450mA
A-2036-120 AC 100-130V DC 30-42V 100-550mA
A-2024-120 AC 100-130V DC 18-30V 100-800mA
A-2012-120 AC 100-130V DC 6-18V 100-1600mA