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ORBIT.AC (AC PLC) LED Dimmable Driver

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  • ORBIT Control. Two-wired , non-polarized connection
  • Constant voltage and constant current models are available
  • 0-100% dimmable, 16,384 steps dimming resolution
  • Programmable by ORBIT Commander GUI



  • Power Input: AC 100-240V (ORBIT.AC)
  • Output: Constant voltage and constant current models are available
  • Signal Connection: ORBIT.AC
  • Protocol: ORBIT
Model Name Output Load
PL-LB1X60-40-ELE Constant Current 50-700mA, 36-68V
PL-LB1X48-40-ELE Constant Current 50-1000mA, 18V-48V
PL-LB1X24-40-ELE Constant Current 100-1500mA, 8V-24V
PL-LB1X60-60-ELE Constant Current 50mA-800mA, 36-68V
PL-LB1X48-60-ELE Constant Current 100mA-1200mA, 18V-48V
PL-LB1X24-60-ELE Constant Current 100mA-2400mA, 8V-24V
PL-LA1X48-40-ELE Constant Voltage 48V, 0.8A Max
PL-LA1X24-40-ELE Constant Voltage 24V, 1.6A Max
PL-LA1X12-40-ELE Constant Voltage 12V, 3.3A Max
PL-LA1X48-60-ELE Constant Voltage 48V, 1.25A Max
PL-LA1X24-60-ELE Constant Voltage 24V, 2.5A Max
PL-LA1X12-60-ELE Constant Voltage 12V, 5.0A Max