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DMX 12 Channel Dimmer Pack (20A per channel)

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  • Automatic frequency sensor can detect power frequency (45Hz~63Hz) in different areas and stabilizes the dimming output.Output can be limited from 50% to 100% for overload protection.
  • Outstanding heat dissipation.
  • The thermo-controlled fan will be activated automatically when the temperature is over 45`C.
  • The intelligent thermo-protection will cease the output when over 75℃ and restart output when below 65℃
  • Self-testing function to test without a console.
  • Each channel can be set as dimming or switch.
  • Dimming level and internal temperature monitor.
  • Each channel is equipped with a N.F.B.




  • AC Power Input: AC 100-240V, 3Ø4w
  • Output: Maximal 20A per channel.
  • Protocol: DMX-512
  • Dimension: 19” 3U, 482(W) x 132(H) x 316(D) mm
  • Weight: 13.5 Kg