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The Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Arts

With a lot size of 9.9 hectares and a floor area of 3.3 hectares, The Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Arts (Wei-Wu-Ying) is a newly opened site sits in Fengshan, Kaohsiung. Till now, some of the areas are open to public, and the performance halls will be available with an expected time of Oct. 2017.

There are four performance halls in Wei-Wu-Ying, opera house (2,260 seats), concert hall (2,000 seats), playhouse (1,200 seats), recital hall (470 seats). It also has a wide range of public utilities including an amphitheater, outdoor plaza, restaurants, art shops, multi-functioned auditorium, rooftop observation deck, parking lot, etc. All areas are equipped with lighting control systems from Lite-Puter.

Most of the dimmers on the market apply with triac dimming. Although the power in general is reduced and dimming function is also doable, the noise problem when a sudden high voltage goes through the lamps remains unsolved. Plus, the short life of lights and the disturbance to other electronic equipments lead to imperfection to the art center. Therefore, the Lite-Puter Sinewave dimmers were chosen in opera house, concert hall, playhouse, and recital hall in Wei-Wu-Ying. The Sinewave dimmers not only overcomes all drawbacks of SCR dimmers like the noise, short life of lights, but the power factor can reach more than 99% which supports a perfect execution of each performance.

Some of the areas like outdoor square and recital hall equipped with blue light lamps and working lights for around 1,000 channels. As dimming functioned is not required here, ORBIT (PLC) control system is applied. All channels including both dimming and non-dimming are control by one central controller, DP-NEX1. ORBIT (PLC) lighting control system can be configured by computers and mobile phones in order to adjust the lighting output, pre-set memories, and time switches, which realizes the goal of central control and smart energy-saving control.

Wei-Wu-Ying was a military base located in Southern Taiwan as Recruit Training Unit. The government built The Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Arts in order to balance the development between Southern and Northern Taiwan. We, Lite-Puter, are very proud and honored that our ORBIT (PLC) lighting control systems are chosen in all three national art and cultural centers, The Xiqu Center of Taiwan, Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, and The Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Arts in Taipei, Mid-Taiwan, and Kaohsiung. The grand open of The Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Arts will be worth the wait. The power of arts opens the door to the world.

Product List:

Model Description
XD-830 8 CH 30A Sine Waver Dimmers Module
DP-81II DMX Splitter Panel
DP-82II DMX Signal Mixer
LDX-610 6CH 10A Constant Voltage LED Dimmer Pack
CX-12II 96 Channel DMX Console
DP-NEX1 NEX Central Controller
ECP-103 DMX Control Panel
ECP-T03 Touch Screen Panel
MX-101 ORBIT(PLC) Control Module
PX-220-2T 2CH ORBIT(PLC) Relay Module
PX-220-4T 4CH ORBIT(PLC) Relay Module
PL-DC1501 ORBIT(PLC) Power Supply
PL-NF120 ORBIT(PLC) Noise Filter