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Taipei City Arts Promotion Office – Family Theater

Located on the 2nd floor of Taipei City Hall, Family theater of Taipei City Arts Promotion Office is a comprehensive theater, to meet various government and schools’ performances and gatherings, as well as venue rental and schedule handling.
Traditional tungsten lamps were originally used in auditorium sites, but they’re not environmentally friendly, 90% electricity consuming for heating and only 10% for lighting, and high damage rate, about 1000-hour life span. For the renovation project this time, Liteputer upgrades the whole lighting control system, nearly a hundred tungsten lamps and 50 pieces of PAR 56 bulbs on site are all replaced with LED lamps.

The dimmer DX-1220AF was adopted, to receive standard DMX-512 signals and limit output power. All 12 channels enable independent dimming and optional for both dimming and non-dimming setting. In addition, with built-in anti-flickering module, DX-1220AF creates stable and non-flickering LED dimming process.

“Lighting control system” is the modern lighting trend, creating atmosphere and saving electricity at the same time, not to mention energy saving and carbon reduction when turn-on or off is set. Global warming poses an increasingly serious threat to environmental sustainability. Liteputer does the best to echo energy-saving manners. Countries and individuals take actions towards a low-carbon life, and support international propaganda and activities all over the world such as Earth Hour in March, Earth Day in April, and World Environment Day in June, trying to alleviate the global climate change crisis.