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PLC Office Building Application Project – Ray 60

(Picture from Ray 60 official website)


Located in prime location of Ruiguang Road, Neihu, Ray 60 was recently completed, with international-class appearance and magnificent high hall. Liteputer PLC intelligent lighting control system was adopted for exterior wall, outdoor driveway, sidewalk, 1st – 7th floors and B1-B4 underground parking.

(Picture from Ray 60 official website)


Due to crowded weekdays and few-populated weekends, the owner requires different settings for each. For example, the ceiling lights in the lobby are set to be turned on 100% for 08:00-18:00 during weekdays but off during weekends, only turn on through PIR sensor if someone passes by.


Many PIR sensors are installed in Ray 60. In parking lot, the driving lane lights will be turned on one by one by sensing the car passing, as well as partitioned parking spaces, passenger and freight elevators. In addition, spaces with less people moving around such as weak current room, exhaust fan and water tank room, are all equipped with sensors. The lights will be turned on only when people pass by, for energy-saving requirement.


Equipment list: