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Palazzo de la Salle, Malta

The Malta Society of Arts (hereinafter referred to as: MSA) was established in 1852, and is Malta’s oldest institution for the promotion of the arts and crafts. Over recent years, the MSA has expertly converted Palazzo de la Salle in full respect of its historical character, whilst adapting it to excellently fit the needs of modern artistic and cultural activities.

Palazzo de La Salle was built in the late 16th century and was home to the Knights of the Order of St John for hundreds of years. The Palazzo has been the seat of the Malta Society of Arts (MSA) since 1923, and is currently used by the MSA for arts education, exhibitions and performances. The little-known Chapel inside the Palazzo is decorated with stunning 1730s wall paintings, depicting the Coats of Arms of Fra Guillaume de La Salle, Grandmaster Manoel de Vilhena, and scenes from the Life of St John.

The paintings are highly significant historical and artistic evidence of the era of the Knights, and some of the few Baroque wall paintings in Malta to survive within a domestic context. Extraordinarily, they survive in their original form, never having been restored or overpainted over the past decades. Such important paintings, however, have been long forgotten and they are currently virtually unknown to the public.

The renewal project for Palazzo de La Salle has been processed recently. A lot of track lights were used around the chapel and art galleries at Palazzo de La Salle. All track lights were built-in Liteputer’s LEDiM driver and were controller by Liteputer’s PLC lighting control system.

Equipment List: