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Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel

Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel, invested and built by E-United Group, is located next to Heart of Love River. With 700 guest rooms and banquet halls accommodated more than 1000 persons, the most unique sky auditorium in southern Taiwan, 18 multi-functional halls and more than 12 large theme restaurants, Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel is the largest international conference-tourist hotel in Taiwan. Liteputer lighting control system is adopted in all public areas on 1st, 8th-12th and 33rd floors (including banquet halls, restaurants, sky bar, and multi-functional halls) and exterior walls of Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel.

Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel owns the largest banquet venue in Southern Taiwan. The meetings and banquet spaces are mainly on the 8th, 10th, and 11th floors, total area 8,518 square meters, including the largest Grand Ballroom on the 8th with 2,800 square meters and be able to accommodate more than 2,000 guests. In Grand Ballroom, nearly 500 lights (including PLC drivers) are all freely distributed on the power line. PLC wring method is different from traditional bus system.

–The wiring method of traditional bus system: circuit must be configured in advance, and the lamps in the circuit is not changeable once the wiring is completed, neither the circuit of single light. –PLC enables the circuit to arrange after all lamps are installed, and simply connect lamps with original wire to be integrated into the entire system when new lamps added.

In addition, lighting power line is signal line. Only one line is required, signal available as long as electricity available, no additional construction needed, saving significant wiring cost.

In addition, E-Sky Land, a large shopping mall by E-United Group, is scheduled to open on Mar 20, 2021. With this synergistic effect in between, Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel and E-Sky Land will together become a whole new life landmark in southern Taiwan.

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