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Hotel Indigo Hsinchu Science Park

(Picture from Hotel Indigo Hsinchu Science Park)

After Miramar Hotel Hsinchu closed down in Nov 2017, Riant Capital took it back, reinvest 100 million and signed an entrusted management contract with Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) to hang on its “Hotel Indigo” brand, officially opened in Sept. 2018. Hotel Indigo is a high-end boutique hotel brand under IHG. It specializes in interpreting the local neighborhood culture in a unique way. None of 88 hotels in the world are exactly the same. This time, cooperates with IHG Group, Riant Capital does not adopt traditional Hakka cloth or tea as its main design. Instead, technology and modern lifestyle elements of Hsinchu Science Park were brought into the building, using LED, photos and other materials to create a new popular place for hipsters.

Miramar Hotel Hsinchu used to install Liteputer’s traditional dimmer EDX-1212 to control on-site lighting sources. After renovation, Hotel Indigo Hsinchu Science Park added many light sources and strip lights, which controlled by Liteputer’s latest PLC dimmer. PL-DX1220, able to adapt various light source types, is adopted to control both original DMX system and new PLC system. Of total twelve modules, one channel PLC module (PL-P01) controls the strip lights, and eleven channel edge dimming SCR/TRIAC module (P-10SCR) control the other added lighting sources.

(Picture from Hotel Indigo Facebook)

(Picture from Hotel Indigo Facebook)

To elaborate brand new service concept, besides international fashion trend in interior decoration and facilities, the world renowned “Char Bar and Bistro” is introduced to the dining solution. 8600-square-feet space includes GD5 café, coffee shop and steak house. “GD5” logo in coffee shop is by 24V LED bulb, can be precisely dimmed through Liteputer’s PLC dimmer.

(Picture from Hotel Indigo Facebook)

Hotel Indigo Hsinchu spent only three months to renovate, mostly on furniture, color and lighting. For the lighting part, Taipei 101 lighting designer Uno Lai together with Liteputer’s control system, the key lighting of each area displays the atmosphere of what it should be.

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