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Hoshinoya Guguan – Hoshino Resorts

Located in a beautiful valley surrounded by hills and owns an excellent spring quality, the leading Japan-based hot spring resort, Hoshinoya Guguan has finally official opened by June 30, 2019.

(Hoshinoya Guguan Entrance)

Hoshinoya Guguan, the second Hoshinoya overseas, is to create a faraway paradise. From the elegant entrance with both side bamboos, the mountaintop garden shaped by water and retains a large number of native trees, the waterfront restaurant with fully garden view, the welcome hall just like an art museum, and over 30 art pieces from all over the world, Hoshinoya Guguan is just like a fairyland!

(Garden view)

Lite-Puter has been in touch with Hoshino since 2015. After demonstrating the lighting effect by Lite-Puter, Hoshino took the samples back to Japan Hoshino team for research and testing. After careful consideration, Lite-Puter has been chosen to replace the original lighting brand, to display the most relaxing holiday atmosphere.

(From the left: Hall, relaxing area, hallway)

The lighting design of Hoshinoya Guguan focused on ease and leisure. From outdoor landscapes, public areas, to guest rooms, the lighting is close to the ground and designed with local characteristics, to match the natural environment. Lite-Puter also provides the design concept of energy saving and carbon reduction, achieving one of the elements of gold-level green building standard.

(Library & Star-gazing observatory)

The star-gazing observatory adopts the lowest brightness lighting elements, for guests enjoying the starry night. Hoshino Japan was satisfied with 10% brightness level, and extraordinary surprised when Lite-Puter showed brightness as low as 5%. The stable dimming technology with no flickering at all made everyone scream out “amazing”!

(Guess room)

Each guest room has spacious bright window view and semi-open-air tub facing to the mountain, but, no TV in the room. Guests are far away from city hustle and fully enjoy the natural. The low indirect lighting design creates a soothing and relaxing space. Lite-Puter brings a memorable moment in this carefree holiday.

(Day and night)

Lite-Puter and Hoshinoya has been in cooperation for nearly four years, from getting in touch, signing contract, designing, to construction. Lite-Puter fully demonstrates sophisticated dimming technology and close coordination. Together with well-known environmental, architectural, landscaping and other designing team, we create a scenic resort, telling different stories during daytime and nighttime.

Equipment List for public area:

Equipment List for guess room: