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Heng I Chemical & Mitsubishi Chemical Taiwan New Factory and Warehouse Office Building

The new factory and warehouse building of Heng I Chemical and Mitsubishi Chemical, Taiwan located in Toufen city, Miaoli County was opened on Jan. 14, 2022. The two parties invested a total of NTD 1.22 billion in the expansion of the factory. After completion, it will not only meet the needs of the fertilizer market, but also quickly serve the customer base of the semiconductor industry in the neighboring science park, and also reduce transportation costs and improve self-competitiveness.

Liteputer is responsible for the lighting control of the exterior walls on the 1st to 4th floors of the building. The waterproof ceiling lamps, floor projection lamps, down-lighting wall lamps, wall lamps and floodlights…etc are all controlled by Liteputer’s lighting control system. DP-NEX2 is the central host and EDX-F04R is the dimmer pack. DP-NEX2 is a highly flexible Ethernet to DMX/EDX interface. It can control all DMX-512 devices as well as Lite-Puter’s dimmers and switch packs. It is ideal for most residential and commercial lighting applications by its capabilities of allocating the system up to 128 zones, 16 scenes for each zone. Automated lighting controls can be realized by its built-in event schedulers and astronomical timers, saving the energy and labor cost. DP-NEX2 can be easily programmed by a mobile app, tablet or windows-based application and integrated into network infrastructures. No matter what kind of lighting projects, DP-NEX2 offers the highest compatibilities and flexibilities. EDX-F04R is a dimmer for conventional lamps (leading-edge) and 0-10V DC fluorescent ballast or LED transformers.


System Diagram

Equipment List

Model Description
DP-NEX2 NEX Central Controller
EDX-F04R 4CH Leading-edge /0-10V Dimmer Pack
ECP-202 Control Panel


Location:Toufen City, Miaoli County, Taiwan
Owner:Hengi Chemical & Mitsubishi Chemical Taiwan
Lighting Designer:Light Poetic Design Taipei Limited
Electrical and Mechanical Engineer Construction:Jietuo Technology Co., Ltd.