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Grand Cosmos Resort ,Ruisui Hualien

(Picture from Grand Cosmos Resort)

Located on a 20,000-ping property in Hualien County, Grand Cosmos Resort Ruisui Hualien is Cosmos Hotels & Resorts’ latest vacation hotspot. It’s the first hotel in Taiwan offering accommodation choices of luxury villas, a hot spring water park, and an internationally renowned Angsana Spa all in one complex. With its unique geographical location, Hualien cultural characteristics and spectacular natural beauty, together with southern European cottage style design, walk into Grand Cosmos and walk into paradise.

(Castle Hall)

Hanging on 27-meter high hall, the Czech LASVIT crystal chandelier is shaping by golden rice from local culture elements. With Worktecht’s lighting design, through Lite-Puter dimming control system, the gorgeous lighting posture catches every visitor’s eyes and spread out a luxurious visual show.

(Prime One Steak House)

Castle hall, Mansion hall and Prime one steak house all adopt Lite-Puter 12-channel removable dimmer module EDX-1210, with most suitable linear dimming curve for human eyes and future maintenance convenience. In addition, Lite-Puter introduces DP-NEX1, with automatic scene setting function, to meet the timing control requirement for Castle Hall. Multiple scene changes can be edited and set via graphics control software, panel or APP.

(Mansion Hall)

Lite-Puter presents a perfect dimming manner from Castle to Michelin-recommended steakhouse. In this gorgeous lighting event, Grand Cosmos indeed is a top resort with temperament and style.

Equipment List for Grand Cosmos Resort: