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Giant Group-Cycling Culture Museum

(From Cycling Culture Museum FB)


Located in Taichung campus of the Central Taiwan Science Park, Giant Group owns 1.67-hectares area and headquarters building divided into office building and display building. The square between two buildings can be used for display and performance, and space for bicyclists to shuttle, rest and finally arrive at Taichung Metropolitan Park among this bicycle moving line. On the second floor of exhibition building, Bicycle culture exploration hall provides areas for bicycle culture exploration, experience, and bicycle life proposals. The grand opening is in July, 2020, with various appearances of bicycles and culture through thematic and multiple perspectives in eight theme pavilions. The 2nd “Elaborate from scratch” and 4th “Competition palace” exhibition area adopt Liteputer PLC lighting control system.

The 2nd exhibition hall “Elaborate from scratch” displays bicycles of various times in a winding array and centers on visitors’ angle so they feel like walking into the cycling history. With yellowish ancient rhythm light, the placid historical atmosphere conveys the life style of contemporary background. The bicycle exhibition theater presents a new bicycle culture through space story scripts and bicycle classification one by one through regular exhibitions. With lighting, music and dynamic projection images, bicycles display a theatre of kinetic art.

The 4th exhibition hall “Competition palace” creates an immersive competition atmosphere in it curved space full of lively contesting excitement. VR experience of role-playing and reproduction of classic game scenes are also available, with live broadcasting by host’s enthusiastic report.

In both 2nd and 4th exhibition area, all lamps are equipped with PLC dimming driver, independently controlled and brightness can be dimmed less than 0.1%, to ensure enough light sources for bicycle exhibits, commentary boards and dynamically projection images, but not affecting atmosphere due to too many light sources and overexposure.

Cycling culture museum not only creates an innovative user experience to demonstrate Giant’s corporate responsibility for feeding back to the community, but also strengthens Giant’s leading brand position. You are invited to personally experience the pleasure. Let’s ride!

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