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Corner MAX

(From Corner MAX Facebook)

Mr. Wu Yun, the founder of Corner Series, founded Music Corner Live Music Restaurant in April 2013 based on his passion for music. Wu Yun pays great attention to the sound and light level of signing concerts. Feeling that Taiwan’s performance hardware design specifications are far behind the international ones, he is committed to developing a new and professional music performance space. In 2015 Oct., Corner House Music and Exhibition Hall was opened in downtown Taipei. This venue was cost approximately USD 1,700,000, furnished with modern design, and equipped full concert PA system and impressive lighting show. In 2021, he spent USD 2,220,000 to build a performing arts theater the “Corner MAX,” which provided busy Taipei people with a space for respite and entertainment during the post-epidemic period.

(From Corner MAX Facebook)

The Corner Series all use Liteputer lighting control system, and the“Corner MAX”opening at the end of 2021 is no exception. Corner MAX has built-in professional audio and lighting equipment, complete musical instrument equipment, and has a powerful sound filed. The space is complete, suitable for hosting concerts, press conferences, fan meetings, banquets and other diverse activities. In response to such a multi-functional filed, Corner MAX uses many track lights. They will adjust the position and angle of the track lights according to the needs of the event to present different effects. Liteputer uses LDX-408 to control track lights on site. LDX-408 is a DMX constant voltage LED decoder, it converts the universal standard DMX-512 signal to PWM signal to drive LEDs. It works with DMX-512 console, with 0-100% dimming range and up to 16,384 steps dimming resolutions.

The lighting circuit of the VIP room of Corner MAX follows the old circuit. On the premise that the on-site lighting circuit is not modified, the Liteputer adopts the PLC lighting control to complete the lighting control of the VIP room effortlessly. The characteristic of PLC is that all lamps are freely distributed on the power line, allowing the circuit to be configured after the installation of the lamps, and the circuit can be replaced at any time for each lamp. When you need to add new lamps, you only need to connect these lamps in series with the original power line, which can be incorporated into the control system.

(From Corner MAX Facebook)

Equipment List:

Owner:Corner MAX
Interior Designer:31 design

Lighting Designer : Liteputer