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Cooler Master-Headquarter

Cooler Master has moved its headquarter from Zhonghe to Neihu in Q3 2021, total 8 floors including B1 restaurant, 1st floor reception center, 5th floor exhibition, 6-7th floor office area, 8th floor laboratory, 9th floor president’s office and guest room, and R floor VIP lounge.

Cooler Master Headquarter not only adopts Liteputer lighting control system, but also combines Modbus and RS-232 A/V system. With network technology and professional skills, Liteputer integrates different on-site wall panels including Modbus 7-inch touch panels, RS-232 projector screens and lighting panels, traditional wall switch panels and Liteputer’s own ECP panels.

System Diagram

NEX to Modus Software

Liteputer PLC lighting control system is adopted for Cooler Master’s public area and elevator halls. No signal cable is required since power line is signal line, signal available as long as electricity available, no additional construction needed, easy and simple. In addition, lamps can be settled first and then controlled by APP to set up lighting circuits for linking multiple lights or individually control. By connecting with its load line, circuits can be replaced and new lamps can be added anytime, easily integrating into system control.

Location:Taipei, Taiwan
Owner:Cooler Master Co., Ltd
Designer:Desfa Group Inc.

Equipment List