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Umami de Lebledor、Saffron 46、The Ukai Taipei @Breeze Nan-Shan

(Breeze Nan-Shan)

As a new landmark in Xinyi District, Breeze Nan-Shan was officially opened in January 2019. There’re more than 70 catering brands and about 32 among them are exclusive to Taiwan. Especially 46-48 floors, half of restaurants are exclusive brands. To create an exquisite dining experience, fine restaurants such as Umami de Lebledor, Saffron 46 and The Ukai Taipei adopt Lite-Puter PLC as their dimming control system.

(Umami de Lebledor)

Located on the 7th floor of Breeze Nan-Shan, Umami de Lebledor is different from other branches and owns a new concept, new menu, and new service. Instead of original 1-10V controller, Lite-Puter PLC dimming system was applied to the gorgeous chandeliers hanged on the 7-meter high ceiling to meet further delicate dimming demand. Customers will experience elegant dining space and new light-luxury manner.

(Saffron 46)

With 46th-floor view, Saffron 46 Indian cuisine uses lots of LED strips to interpret exotic bar ambiance. The stylish ceiling lamps are RGB full-color controlled, mainly with warm color. Lite-Puter PLC Lighting control system perfectly creates a passionate and dynamic theme.

(The Ukai Taipei)

Also located on the 46th floor, The Ukai Taipei from Japan is the only teppanyaki restaurant in the world to receive Michelin certification. The first Ukai-Tei in Taiwan, in Silks Club Kaohsiung, adopted Lite-Puter PLC dimming system and received numerous lighting awards. This time in Breeze Nan-Shan, The Ukai Taipei still prefer PLC system to express its romantic starry universe theme, to expound the new Ukai world-view appeal.

Lite-Puter PLC system meets designer’s lighting needs for Umami de Lebledor, Saffron 46 and The Ukai Taipei, so customers can enjoy both Xiangshan mountain view in the daytime and Taipei 101 night scenes in the evening.

Equipment List for Umami de Lebledor:

Equipment List for Saffron 46:

Equipment List for The Ukai Taipei: