6 Channel Integrated Dimmer Pack


High Capacity for Any Fixture:

EDX-607 has 6 channels, can be connected to 6 groups of lamps. The maximal current capacity is 16 A in totals and 10A for each channel. So EDX-607 is not only for home user, it can meet high power requirements in commercial spaces when there are fixtures like giant chandeliers or outdoor lamps.

Perform Different Lighting Scenes:

EDX-607 can memorize 6 lighting scenes. To connect several control panels, user can save up to 12 scenes.

Simplified Design Style:

Can easily fit into any interior style and easy to install.

Remote control:

IR remote controller (optional) can recall 6 scenes, change group dimming level, edit and save scenes directly.

Fine Dimming Effect:

Inherited from Lite-Puter professional stage lighting control system, EDX-607 conforms to C3 liner dimming curve. The dimmer can reflect each dimming level change from 0 – 100% accurately and help lighting designers make precise lighting effect.

Dimming Level Display:

LED bar on the panel can display the dimming level of the 6 groups of lamps.

Energy Saving:

With the dimmer and timer function, users can minimize power consumption.

Professional Dimmer Ancestry:

With all professional lighting control functions include: fade time setting, timer, dimming/switching setting, and warm-up function, etc.

Lamp Protection:

With the warm-up function, EDX-607 can turn on the lamp slowly to prevent the lamp from damage of surge current.

Computerized Central Control:

Can be controlled and monitored by PC through Lite-Puter’s DP-E series Ethernet interfaces and control software.


Compatible to ECP series control panels. Can connect professional stage lighting control system via DMX port. Optional accessories are available, such as electronic amplifier, occupancy sensors and daylight sensors. Optional external interface for controlling following items are available Dimmable fluorescent lamps Projector screens Shades Air conditioners Stereos


  • AC Power Input: 100 - 240V AC, 45-63Hz
  • Output : 6 channels, 4A per channel, total 16A
  • Protocol: DMX-512, EDX
  • Dimension : 212(W) x 114(H) x 60(D) mm
  • Weight: 860g


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