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Starbucks Reserve Flagship Store in Suzhou Center

As a hot spot to check in, Starbucks is always a popular place for hipsters to visit. Starbucks is everywhere in main cities, but do you know there’s one kind of Starbucks, purer and posher? Not every Starbucks is “Starbucks Reserve”!

In Starbucks Reserve Flagship Store, it’s about feelings, not just coffee. Starbucks fans are no longer satisfied at normal lighting effects. Hence, Starbucks adopted Lite-Puter’s LEDiM dimming system based on Power Line Communication Protocol this time, to create a theater-like atmosphere for the 5th Starbucks Reserve Flagship Store in China.

What kind of shop can become “Reserve”?

Starbucks Reserve represents the pinnacle of Starbucks’ coffee enthusiasm. As the top Starbucks coffee shop, each cup takes 5 minutes to make by a certified coffee master, and he/she explains how to hand-made coffee at the same time.

Be different than the fast-food chain coffee shop that Starbucks used to be, Starbucks Reserve presents a high level custom-made attitude in hardware, software, and lighting effect. The excellent environment and customer experience greatly depends on the lighting performance at Starbucks Reserve Flagship Store in Suzhou Center. Starbucks fancy LEDiM dimming system, especially the outstanding representation of single lamp single control. Group or individual control is available and no signal cable is required. Dimming level can be as low as 0.1% of human eye feeling, and various brightness at every corner creates quiet space for fine coffee.

Starbucks Reserve has a unique symbol that regular store doesn’t have. A pentacle and R together means you are now in Starbucks Reserve!

There are 3 categories of Starbucks stores:

Ordinary stores: the one we regularly aware and see, only serve coffee brewed by 9-pressurized espresso machine, usually along with latte, cappuccino and so on.
High-end stores: this is a hand-made coffee shop; in addition to high-temperature high-pressure brewing, they also provide hand-made coffee by percolator according to customers’ request.
Starbucks Reserve: limited numbers of stores, providing not only hand-brewed coffee service, but also selected coffee beans for customers to choose from.

LEDiM Equipment Lists:

Model Description
PLA-LB1X24-15-XL1 15W constant current driver
PLA-LB1X40-15-XL1 15W constant current driver
PL-DX405 4CH controllable triac dimmer pack
PL-DXF04 4CH 0-10V dimming pack
PL-PX816 8CH 16A switch module
PL-PIR01 Infrared/daylight sensor
PLA-DPE100 LEDiM gateway
PL-ISO2 Signal coupler
PLA-NF05 Signal isolator
PLA-CPT01 Multi-purpose touch panel